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Colorful Wedding Themes for your Wedding Ceremony

In the present trend, most of the brides wish to personalize themselves their wedding day.
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A wedding dress is a lietime memory, which serves as the best part of your wedding.
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When happiness comes in our life, we feel the zeal to tell it to everyone.

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How to plan the perfect wedding?

Your wedding is undoubtedly one of the best days of your life and you will definitely want to make it memorable and nostalgic for the future years. So how can you plan a perfect wedding that will be remembered for all involved? Also, to make sure you feel your best on your big day, Silky Smooth Beauty are a great choice. Also be sure to get the hairy best man laser hair removal for men from drakes of london. They are the place to go! Read on for some suggestions:

Plan a great venue with good decorations

A great venue at a good location with great decorations will be sure to impress. You can try choosing an open venue – maybe on a mountain top or beside the sea beach for that extra touch. If your venue is a closed one, then ensure that you decorate it with fresh smelling seasonal flowers and lots of lights so that the venue looks bright and well lit up. Also, choose the venue according to the number of guests so that it does not get too cramped.

Helping hands

A wedding is a big affair and you would need a number of helping hands who would help you with the decorations, the food, the background themes and the main venue as well. Ensure to get your catering needs well looked after and delivered promptly. There are various weddings with extra special themes for the bride and the groom as well. You should always take help from people that you trust and who you know would always help you out. You can hire a trained event management team who have a number of wedding packages to help your wedding venue look absolutely gorgeous.

This infographic has been provided for you by the experts themselves – be sure to refer to this to make sure that you have everything prepared for the special day!


Why you should get a magician for your Wedding

If you’ve attended a wedding then you’re bound to know that it can be a very busy day, and there will be times inbetween the ceremony and reception where guests will be waiting around.

To combat this we hired a local magician to to entertain after the ceremony as well as during our reception evening. Nick Crown, is a magician with over 14 years experience and he really did have all the tricks up his sleeve.

Whilst we were away having our photos taken, Nick was entertaining our guests, espically the little ones who get restless quick, however he kept them all entertained, and amazed from what I hear!

During the evening Nick mingled with our guests, showing them all card and magic tricks inbetween courses of the meal and throughout the rest of the evening.

We’d like to thank Nick for really making our day magical (pun intended!) and would recommend him to anyone who is after a magician at their next event.


need of wedding dance

As important the wedding promises are for you, for guests I guess food holds the same importance at wedding parties!

Don’t forget to locate the best professional in town for your wedding. Book such caterers who can offer some exceptional foods to your guest at a reasonable price. You can’t serve your guests with the same common food available at any street side restraint. Ask the caterers to cook vegetarian and non vegetarian foods, both excellently well.

After food go for booking the Musicians and DJs in your town to rock that party evening at your wedding. Ask them to play the music of your choice, or you can also leave it up to them. They are professionals and experience enough about what to play at the wedding parties.

After you are done with booking caterers and musicians for the wedding, talk to a photographer to click the amazing moments of your wedding. Photographs are the best part of any such memorable moments. Also talk to them for video graphy. You can also book a photographer and videographer separately. The best option would be booking these professionals online. As you can see their sample works on their website and then decide easily.



varieties of wedding dresses

A wedding dress is a lietime memory, which serves as the best part of your wedding. Be it the bride or the groom both of them want they should wear the best dress in town from the best designers. This excitement is obvious. After years when you look at it, you will have a lump in your throat, little tears in your eyes remembering the day you wore this dress and married the love of your life. People enjoy showing it to their children later, telling them the stories of how I met your mother and how I met your father.

Well, it’s not necessary that you get a dress sewn for you. You can also buy from a premade selection. Professional designers can custom fit the dress as per your requirement. Or if you wish to wear a designer dress, go for a quality designer in town and ask them to make a dress for you as you like it. After all it’s your wedding and you should look the best of all. There are some wedding dress designers you can contact online. People who are specialised in this field can meet your needs best, the cost might matter. But any how it’s your wedding and money can’t hamper your desire.



important things needed for wedding

When you get the wedding cards printed don’t forget to provide them with place cards also. It helps your guest to know their seating arrangement at the reception party. Another choice in this can be customized napkins. These are an excellent way to express the celebration. List of the programmes for that evening will help your guests make themselves comfortable for the event by knowing all now and then about it. A celebration that goes on in an ordered way is a good thing to impress your guests.

Other than placing cards and napkins there are other things too, such as cake, it is an integral part of any celebration. It is a memorable centre piece for any party you organize. Select the best bakery in town. See how it can fulfil your budget and your requirement and then order the flavour you want. Most of the bakeries will have a portfolio of wedding cakes they have made before.

You can select from them too. It will make your choice easier. It will also help you examine everything really easily. Keep in mind the size of cake you need. It should not be too small and should not be too big. Order from a well known bakery so that the quality remains the best. Because it’s your wedding day and nothing should alter from perfect.