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Colorful Wedding Themes for your Wedding Ceremony

In the present trend, most of the brides wish to personalize themselves their wedding day.
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A wedding dress is a lietime memory, which serves as the best part of your wedding.
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When happiness comes in our life, we feel the zeal to tell it to everyone.

Wedding Photography For A Wedding Fairy Tale

wedding-photographer-melbourneEvery couple has their own wedding fantasy. Every bride wants to be a princess in a fairy tale. Every groom wants to be the prince charming in their own wedding. And every couple deserves to be the prince and princess in their own fairy tale. When it comes to the wedding celebration, couples would always prefer to get the best of what they can have. If fairy tales have fairy godmothers who will make dreams come true, couples can hire wedding planners to prepare everything for the wedding. And just like fairy tales are written in books, weddings are recorded using wedding photography.

Wedding photography can provide an album which contains all the events and happenings during the wedding celebration. If fairy tales have a story about how the prince met the princess, wedding photography through a photo session can provide a material which tells the journey of the couple up to their wedding. And just like a fairy tale, the wedding is the start of the couple’s happy ever after.

A fairy tale would need a great author in order to describe the story as colourful and accurate as possible. As for the wedding celebration, a professional wedding photographer is needed in order to capture the event in a realistic yet wonderful way. Professional wedding photographers have a vast amount of experience in covering different types of weddings and make a record in the form of photos all the amazing moments within the wedding celebration.

Professional wedding photographers will make sure that all the wonderful and amazing moments during the wedding are captured and all the guests will have at least a photo for them to remember the wedding celebration. Aside from the best moments in the wedding celebration, wedding photographers will also include different angles and scenarios which spice up the celebration and include these photos in the wedding album to give another touch of the wedding remembrance.

Wedding photography allows the couple to have a copy of the wedding fairy tale which they can share with their love ones even on the generations after them. It gives a window for people who unfortunately missed out the event to get a feel of the wedding experience the couple and guests had during the celebration.

From the photo session before the wedding and up to the actual wedding, wedding photography allows the couple to become the princess and prince charming of their own world and have their fairy tale of a lifetime. So visit Perfect Wedding Photography and get your happily ever after.


Pamper Parties for Pre Wedding


Have you heard about pamper parties before? What is pampering parties? Well! You would have come across birthday party, wedding party or new year parties, but this term ‘pamper party’ may sound really new to you. Here in this article, let us discuss about the pamper parties in brief.

Pamper party is usually arranged a day before the wedding. You will be provided with soft drinks, nibbles and bubbly which you can happily keep chatting and talking with your friends. After some time, it is followed special manicure and pedicure treatments to calm the pre-wedding nerves.

To precise, pamper parties consists of three moments. They are spa day, happy hours and picnic time.

Spa Day: Spa day includes massage, waxing, eyebrow, manicure, facial and anything that would make you feel special. This way you can achieve a look of beautiful bridesmaid. Your friends can also accompany you by taking a pedicure or manicure.

Happy Hours: You need to maintain alcohol free drinks with a bunch of girls that you treasure in your lifetime. Ensure they all belong to a same team so that they equally find good time before your wedding. Get advices and tips from friends during this special pre wedding party.

Picnic Time: Wow! This is the best time to relax and have enough fun with your dear ones. Pack some sandwiches, snacks and chocolates and move out for a short one day or two days picnic. You can also plan for shopping or buy something that you might need for your wedding.

Thus, pre wedding parties’ help the brides feel relaxed and less stressed before their grand occasion.



beautiful wedding locations around the world

Before booking a destination for your wedding the most important thing that matters is that how will your guests reach there. It can be car, bus or through airways depending on the distance of your wedding destination from your home town. Organize a wedding group, this will give you many benefits. More people you have, the more you can bargain for spending on different facilities.

If you have more guests, airways can get you different offers for tickets. Besides you can also get affordable prices in hotel accommodations and other activities. And don’t feel shy to bargain because it’s pure business. As much you want a good wedding location, that much the organisers are all also waiting for your business.

Just make sure that the money you invest is done on something proper. The destination should be appropriate in all ways. Many specialised wedding destinations (e.g: are also there. You can search for them online and get details of booking accordingly. Examine them properly before booking. Just keep in mind that time matters allot. Generally these places get booked from before. So decide accordingly. Friends, family, gatherings and most importantly love, wedding is all about this and there is no option for compromise.



selecting the perfect wedding destination

Selecting the best wedding location is a very crucial part for wedding party. Locations need to be checked for availability. In the wedding seasons all the best wedding destinations are overloaded with advance bookings. It resembles a lottery, first come first serve valid enough. If you don’t book your favourite destination on time, chances are that you will miss it. As soon as you get to decide the wedding date go on a quick search for wedding locations and immediately book the best suited one for you. Examine the location properly from all aspects.

You need to keep in mind the comfort of your guests, weather this place is easy for them to reach or not. Then the second important thing is the capacity of the location. The place you book should be in accordance with the people you have invited and the other arrangements you have done like DJ, catering, etc. Everything in a small place with too many people can appear a real mess which is not suited for weddings. As exciting the thought seems so is the task of choosing a wedding destination. So try booking a place of your choice intellectually. Try making your wedding the super romantic one. A wedding which would remind every other person sitting in the church about their own wedding

Why you should get a magician for your Wedding

If you’ve attended a wedding then you’re bound to know that it can be a very busy day, and there will be times inbetween the ceremony and reception where guests will be waiting around.

To combat this we hired a local magician to to entertain after the ceremony as well as during our reception evening. Nick Crown, is a magician with over 14 years experience and he really did have all the tricks up his sleeve.

Whilst we were away having our photos taken, Nick was entertaining our guests, espically the little ones who get restless quick, however he kept them all entertained, and amazed from what I hear!

During the evening Nick mingled with our guests, showing them all card and magic tricks inbetween courses of the meal and throughout the rest of the evening.

We’d like to thank Nick for really making our day magical (pun intended!) and would recommend him to anyone who is after a magician at their next event.