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Colorful Wedding Themes for your Wedding Ceremony

In the present trend, most of the brides wish to personalize themselves their wedding day.
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A wedding dress is a lietime memory, which serves as the best part of your wedding.
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When happiness comes in our life, we feel the zeal to tell it to everyone.

Making sure that your special day is memorable for all

imagesA day to remember

There is no denying that wedding ceremonies are one of the most beautiful events to occur. It is a mark of two lives coming together. It is the sign of two people making a life together and embarking on a new journey. It is the day when two people proclaim their love for one another and promise to stay by one another in all sorts of conditions.

It is indeed a beautiful occasion and should be celebrated with all glory and glamour. People tend to prepare for their special day months ahead. They strive to make it certain that their wedding day passes without any glitches and ensure that nothing is out of place. This is the day when one strives to attain perfection in all aspects. The couple has a lot of dreams in their mind for their special day, and they endeavor to ensure that they can see all their dreams transforming into reality.

Things to look after

Trying to make a wedding perfect is no easy task to manage. Like every event, there are thousands of things that can go wrong. A lot of planning, organization, and hard work are required to ensure that everything goes as planned with no unpleasant incidents. However, while planning the event, it is essential to take into account those as well who will be joining you to make your day special. While planning, it is necessary that you remember that your guests have taken time out of their hectic life to be with you in the most joyous moments of your life. They are present to share your happiness and thus, it becomes your duty to ensure that they are looked after properly and are entertained throughout the ceremony.

It is up to you to ensure that you have taken adequate measures for their entertainment. You should ensure that they do not find your special day a waste of time for them. Your wedding day should be such that it is not only you who is going to remember it with a smile on your face. Your guests would feel equal happiness when they would recall the day years down the road. One of the ways via which you can make it certain that your guests have a great time at your wedding would be to arrange for great entertainment.

When confusion strikes

Entertainment is something that often tends to confuse people when they are planning their wedding. What sort of music should be played? Which song or singer should be on the top list? Should they go for a band or DJ? To help you decide visit this site: are the questions that people often tend to find hard to answer. In such circumstances, it is best to hand over the reins to a professional. Bring people who know how to make your day memorable. Bring professionals who are going to ensure that the aspect of entertainment is well taken care of and you do not have a thing to worry about.

More Ways To Entertain Your Guests At Your Wedding

Banner08aLet Your Guest Hear About Your Love Story

Chances are majority of your guests don’t really know how you and your partner got together, except for those close friends who happen to be there from the start of your love story. No need to go into details of your relationship, you can just have a slideshow of pictures of important milestones that the two of you passed. Believe me; even in this day and age, people still love hearing genuine love stories, especially if they’re attending a ceremony that sealed the story forever.

Choreograph A Flash Mob Dance

It seems cheesy when you watch it in movies, but flash mob dances are truly fun! If you prepare choreography for weeks before the big day and send the video to close family and friends for them to join in on the day of reception, it’ll be a blast. Even some of your guest will be encouraged to join. It’s something that your guests will always remember and talk about even in the years to come.

Hire A Photo Booth

Yes there’d be plenty of selfies and professionally taken photos on that day but there’s still something about putting a photobooth that makes it more exciting. Whether it’s the photo strips that you get afterwards, the backdrop, the props, or the fact that you can go as crazy as you can be when inside the booth, the point is your guests will definitely dig it. So look into Photo booths from OMG Suffolk.

Put A Karaoke

Who doesn’t love unleashing their inner diva when a karaoke is around? Having your guests enjoy themselves while singing their hearts out and entertain other guest on the process is a win-win for your and for everyone on your wedding day.

Create A Contest Or Game

By creating a game or contest which everyone can participate you don’t just give your guests something to do, aside from watching you get married, you also allow them to feel like they’re more involved in your wedding than they actually are.


What To Look For When Selecting a Wedding Car



Wedding hire is exempt from licensing. Unfortunately, this means that anybody can hire out their own car for use for weddings. Many people will simply want to earn money quickly and easily, lacking the correct insurance cover. Some people don’t realise they need a different type of insurance cover, whereas others simply don’t care. This can leave you with a poor condition vehicle that is simply not suitable for a wedding.

When looking for wedding transport, seek out an established wedding transport provider with a range of wedding-ready, suitable vehicles. These companies will have experience and be prepared to solve any problems that may occur on the day.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask! Get in touch with the company and simply ask for evidence of previous experience and their insurance. Most professional companies will be more than happy to provide this evidence.
  • Browse the company’s website, and ensure that their full address is displayed, along with a landline telephone number. Landline contact numbers are preferred over mobile numbers, as it indicates that the business has a headquarters, whereas mobile numbers can be linked to a temporary phone. If the company is a scam, they can simply purchase a disposable mobile phone and publish that number on their website.
  • Website content should be unique to the website. If you notice the exact same content posted on multiple websites, steer well clear!
  • Google image search is a good way to see if a company have simple copied and pasted images of wedding vehicles from other websites. Again, steer clear of these websites, as they will have no way of providing you with the car advertised!
  • Paying a low deposit may seem like a dream come true, but this is not a good sign. You should expect to pay a reasonable sum of money to reserve a vehicle, ranging from £100 per car to up to 50% of the total bill.
  • Any respectable car hire company will provide its customers with the option to view their cars before committing to placing a deposit.

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime, unique event, which you want to be special. You also want everything running to plan, giving you the perfect day that you have dreamed of for years. If you’re looking for reliable wedding transport, we recommend All Stretched Out Weddings.


Wedding Drinks And The Packaging Included

Christening-parties_0The human body needs water more than food. In fact, humans can live at least a month with water alone while humans cannot live for more than a week without water even if there are food available. With the demand of liquid by the body, the beverage industry has been earning billions of profits every year by distributing different beverages in the market and they’re especially making a killing when it comes to weddings. And one of the best way to market drinks is by using bottle packaging. Bottle packaging can either be glass or plastic bottles. It secures liquid completely while making it easy for storage and carrying. Here are the different beverages which need bottle packaging.

  1. Alcoholic beverages – There are many alcoholic beverages. There are beer, wine, cider and spirits. Alcoholic beverages use glass bottle packaging. Using glass bottles for beverages has been since the earlier years that alcoholic beverages became available in the market. Nowadays, alcohols especially beer also come in metal cans.
  2. Carbonated drinks – There are a lot of carbonated drinks available in the market. Carbonated drinks are also called soft drinks. Soft drinks have carbon dioxide and usually contain either cola, orange, lime or ginger. Carbonated drinks are distributed using glass bottles, plastic bottles and cans as containers.
  3. Juice – Juice is also distributed using bottles mostly plastic bottle packaging. There are many juices available in the market. The most common are fruit juices such as citrus fruits, pineapple, grapefruit and apple. There are also juices which use different berries as well as coconut. Aside from bottle packaging, there are juices distributed using paper containers.
  4. Water – Just like the other three beverages above, water is also distributed using bottle packaging. In fact, it is the most consumed drink in the whole world. Water are slightly varied depending on how the water is processed. Some common water in the market are distilled, purified and mineral water. Water are usually put in a plastic bottle packaging.
  5. Energy drink – Energy drink is also common in the world. Strong energy drinks are distributed in a glass bottle container while some are using plastic bottle packaging. Energy drinks are popular among athletes to replenish their fluids during games and matches.

If you are planning to start a beverage business, using bottle packaging is the right way to go. Make sure to consider the size, design and color of the bottle packaging aside from deciding on plastic or glass bottle. Also include printing the logo of your company in the bottle to increase your brand. It is better to consider several bottle packaging companies to get the best deal.

Wedding Photography For A Wedding Fairy Tale

wedding-photographer-melbourneEvery couple has their own wedding fantasy. Every bride wants to be a princess in a fairy tale. Every groom wants to be the prince charming in their own wedding. And every couple deserves to be the prince and princess in their own fairy tale. When it comes to the wedding celebration, couples would always prefer to get the best of what they can have. If fairy tales have fairy godmothers who will make dreams come true, couples can hire wedding planners to prepare everything for the wedding. And just like fairy tales are written in books, weddings are recorded using wedding photography.

Wedding photography can provide an album which contains all the events and happenings during the wedding celebration. If fairy tales have a story about how the prince met the princess, wedding photography through a photo session can provide a material which tells the journey of the couple up to their wedding. And just like a fairy tale, the wedding is the start of the couple’s happy ever after.

A fairy tale would need a great author in order to describe the story as colourful and accurate as possible. As for the wedding celebration, a professional wedding photographer is needed in order to capture the event in a realistic yet wonderful way. Professional wedding photographers have a vast amount of experience in covering different types of weddings and make a record in the form of photos all the amazing moments within the wedding celebration.

Professional wedding photographers will make sure that all the wonderful and amazing moments during the wedding are captured and all the guests will have at least a photo for them to remember the wedding celebration. Aside from the best moments in the wedding celebration, wedding photographers will also include different angles and scenarios which spice up the celebration and include these photos in the wedding album to give another touch of the wedding remembrance.

Wedding photography allows the couple to have a copy of the wedding fairy tale which they can share with their love ones even on the generations after them. It gives a window for people who unfortunately missed out the event to get a feel of the wedding experience the couple and guests had during the celebration.

From the photo session before the wedding and up to the actual wedding, wedding photography allows the couple to become the princess and prince charming of their own world and have their fairy tale of a lifetime. So visit Perfect Wedding Photography and get your happily ever after.